The School of Faith offers a learning environment that connects the curious with the core message of Christianity and its significance for the whole of life.

Essentials events explore the core message and distinctive worldview of Christianity in a single evening.



Filmed at All Souls Langham Place, the essentials of the Christian faith are presented through short short TED style talks centred on five questions from Jesus’ parable of the lost sons:
1. Home Start | Does it matter what you believe?
2. Home Grown | What is God like?
3. Home Run | What is wrong with the world?
4. Home Delivery | What is Christianity like?
5. Home Free | What does it mean to be a Christian?

The five individual talks or the full event are both available on this page.

Click here to download the discussion guide accompanying this talk series.

Click here to download a leaders guide that explains how to host a SCHOOL OF FAITH Essentials Event in your locality.

Conversation events address contemporary issues through the lens of faith.

Guest Speakers introduce the topic from a number of perspectives, including the distinct worldview of Christianity. There is also the opportunity to ask questions of the panel and explore how faith relates to daily life.