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Identity, Desire and Why it all Matters

  • St. James Church Clerkenwell Close EC1R 0EA (map)

From inspirational university graduation speeches to beautiful Instagram posts we are constantly told to “be yourself”. But how do we know who we are? The unsaid rule to this is to look inside yourself in order to discover who you are. But is that right? Are we defined by what we desire? What if our desires are always changing, how can we be sure of who we are? 

Join us as author Dave Lomas speaks from the perspective of faith on how to discover an identity rooted deeply in a truth that doesn't change. 

Dave Lomas is Lead Pastor of Reality San Francisco. He started working for a church  at the ripe age of 17 and was ordained four years later as a youth pastor. In 2009, Dave and his wife Ashley moved to San Francisco, where they planted Reality SF in 2010. “He is the author of The Truest Thing about You: Identity, desire, and Why it All Matters